How does it work

When your computer connects to your operator it gets assigned a unique number (called an IP address) based on this you unfortunately are held responsible for all actions on the network by any of the households machines. IP addresses also enables web sites and people that you send e-mail to figure out physical address.

RELAKKS uses a secure technology called VPN (a Virtual Private Network) and based on strong encryption it changes your unique IP number to a generic one provide by RELAKKS.

When you activate RELAKKS there is no more any connection between you and then rest of the net, you are protected and enquires about your identity or your address will only see RELAKKS.

Your emails and visits to webpages are now private. You are safe and can enjoy the Internet as you should.

  1. Sign up for RELAKKS on this webpage
    It’s easy to sign up for RELAKKS, press the sign up button and follow the simple instructions. You can of course get a few days totally free to make sure everything works before you spend any money. After this you just need to choose what length of prepaid plan that is right for you, pay with credit card or bitcoins.
  2. Sign in
    Now you are ready to in two simple steps sign in on your computer / phone; find the vpn-settings and input your user name (that you have chosen your self) and input the address to the secure server that RELAKKS have created for your protection. To set up your computer / phone is easy but a little different depending on what operative system you have. RELAKKS provide step by step guides for any major operative system. If you need further assistance our in-house support is ready to help.
  3. You did it.
    You can choose to have your computer / phone sign up automatically to RELAKKS or that you simple press a button and active RELAKKS when ever you feel the need. Surf safe, protected by RELAKKS!

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